Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Canon 400D

Now that the Chinese New Year has just began (Happy New Year) are my pictures from the weekend I popped into London (albeit on the wrong day) hoping to catch the parade. I still came out of there with a few pictures......

So with wasting blog space....

Hippodrome (Leicester Sq. Station)

The China Town archway (as I entered)

Another archway at the end of the street on my exit.

Through these glass doors walk the movie stars during Premiers in London.

You will find this in Leicester Sq. (of the people I have taken there, they didnt even know it was there).

Later, my pals and I went to get something to eat. Yep, we had chinese food. There is this restaurant that an old friend introduced me to and every time I am in London and feel for chinese, this is the place I go to. The service on the day was crap, but we still went ahead and enjoyed our meal. At least the food made up for the shitty service. I also introduced them to the house drink, Ice Pearls. They are lovely. Just don't drink them before your meal, as it is a meal in itself.

One of my pals had noodles and a Cocopine Ice Pearl

I had a Beef Curry with potatoes and boiled rice and a MangoStrawberry Ice Pearl

Across the table, my other pal had fried duck with rice.

After our meal, we went sightseeing and inside the Trocadero, we came across this stand selling Chinese art and jewellery.

Want anything written in Chinese on site?

You could even ask for some artwork of Dragons, etc drawn as you wait. Usually done within minutes as these pictures depict.

Later we moved on to a sweet shop. Word of warning: LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR SWEETS.

A selection of sweets

Jumbo sized sweets....I dare you!!!

How thick are those marshmellows?

A huge bowl of 'cricket ball' size Gobstoppers.

We later left the mall (Trocadero) and walked around abit where I took several pictures to sum-up the day.

I just love how this pic came out. Catching all that light of bouncing off the buildings in London

Picadilly Circus - Everytime I see this building with the Sanyo on it, it reminds me of the radio ad in Nai 'Sanyo iko juu, Sanyo iko top, top.' LOL! Yep, I am that old.

Virgin Music store in Picadilly Circus - I like the way the light of the 'Sanyo building' illuminates this building.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Snowed In

Canon & w800i

....I should be so lucky. Unlike egm (here and here for details), I took my pics as soon as I woke up and on my way to work. So, my pics are improptu goes alot of whiteness!!!

View from my window just before dawn(shadow of someone going to work)

A few minutes later....dawn breaks

A shot of the roof tops

This was taken with my cell phone.....the bustop where I get my bus.

The road close to the bustop, behind the shopping mall close to where I live.

A closer shot.....capturing the church building in the horizon and the morning traffic. The snow was the windy kind judging from the lamp post. You wouldn't want to be out in one of those.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Phone, Purse and Pro

There is one thing I have come to appreciate......the wonders of nature.

I have come to love sunrises and sunsets and most of my pictures on this entry will consist just of that.......the sun!

Over time, I have photographed the sun, landscapes...anything to do with nature. Here are a few of those pictures, mostly taken whilst commuting by train before I moved. You have got to kill that time with abit of excitement, don't you think?


Sunset...taken on my way back home on the train.

Autumn when the fields are cleared and rolled

The sunrise taken from the train.

While waiting for the bus....I captured this sunrise.

A zoom shot

Another morning whilst waiting for the bus. The light in the bustop stands out.

A cold winter morning. That is not entirely snow, but frost.

Another of my sunrises from the train

Waiting for the bus and I capture Spring in form of these beautiful flowers.

Zoom out with the sunrise in the horizon

A dull summer day.....still didn't stop me and my pal going out for a picnic. This the view of the lake close to where we were sitting.

This sunset was captured last summer after a Sevens tournament. You can even catch a glimpse of the 'H' bottom of the picture.

Went sightseeing in Windsor and these swans caught my attention

On the commute one rainy morning

This is one of the most difficult things to photograph without a proper lens or equipment.....the moon. I tried though!

One of my recent train pics....this was taken whilst travelling back to my old hood.

Winter leaves!!!

Campbell Park in Milton lens had specks of dust. Hence the glare spots on the pic as the sun came out. Sorted it out temporarily.....

No more sun.....the building is the local theater

A shot of the park from a different angle

This is how the council keeps the grass short and manured.....let sheep graze in the park.

I like this a sense of country and city life in one shot. Xscape, the local theater on the horizon and the sheep grazing.

An upclose shot of the sheep and the Campbell Park houses on the horizon