Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Canon 400D

Sorry they are late.......

I went to London over the weekend and this is what I was up to most of the time. The sun came out, but by evening it was getting very cold. Enjoy the pics though!!!

Just as I stepped out of the station....across the river Thames I was greeted with this view.

Some directions to interesting sites in the area

Big Ben and the sun setting behind it

A sculpture depicting the Battle of Britain.

Capturing the London Eye and Aquarium from across the river

Centre point shot with zoom

I had to go a long way round to the other side, but it was worth it as I got some stunning shots from this bridge

A shot from the bridge....stunning!!!

Zoomed in on the 'eye'

Tried to capture the sunset and the sun emerged from the clouds causing too much glare. Makes a good pic though!

Used a setting to reduce the sun's glare and give the skyline look like a silhoutte

This shot was a mistake, but it looks good. Too much light, yet it looks like its the sun

The name of the bridge where it all happened

On top of the stairs...see how bare the trees are during winter.

Zooming in on one of the London Eye pods

A shot taken near the boarding gate

Dali of many along the river bank

Another one

Kill two birds with one stone.....London Eye and Aquarium in the same vicinity

Nothing beats a random shot of a piece of wood floating by in the Thames

Parting shot of the eye

Now this is over exposure when I was playing around the manual settings....

.....I finally cracked it and got a better setting to take a picture (after a few tries though)

At sunset, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are illuminated

As I headed back to the tube station.....

This the station you need for those sites.....

At the platform...its blurry as I took it in a hurry

For Wembley will need this stop

That's all folks.
p.s. The pics are in their original I took them.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A Thing About Buildings

Fujifilm f450

When I visit somewhere or live in an area....I like to take pictures of the buildings and its surroundings. Here are some shots I have taken over a period of time. Enjoy!

Glasgow Art Galleries - I enjoyed my time in Glasgow last summer and this year God willing I will go back to Scotland.

Mitchell Library in Glasgow - Pic is quite blurry due to night setting and without a tripod.

The new Wembley Stadium - I took this picture whislt on the train. Tried in vain to capture a night shot when the arc is all lit up.

Harrods Department Store in Knightsbridge, London

Xscape: MK - Indoor Skiing, Cinema, shops and restaurant

Twickenham Rugby Stadium entrance.

Windsor Castle

Dominion Theater in Central London

The Canary Wharf skyline (London's Wall Street)

The Milton Keynes Gallery (from behind)

Kensington Olympia - Home of MacExpo exhibitions (and others)

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Fujifilm f450

Last summer, at a home I used to live in, my pal's garden came to full blossom. Beautiful roses graced the garden and I was there busy with my camera doing what I do best.......take pictures.

Beautiful....aren't they?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New for 2007


As you well know, I love taking pics (Aco can testify to that). So, for 2007 (and beyond if I can keep it up), I am putting up my hobby results up for your viewing pleasure. Be gentle pleeeeeaaaassseee....with your tucomments.

Egm....this is where we will exchange tips, au?

So, for pics and more.......Welcome to Mocha!'s Photolog - 'Licious Photography at its best.

p.s. I am an amateur, but if you are in my vicinity, you find yourself liking my work and would like a portrait of yourself done (at a fee of course) or to purchase a print or two....don't hesitate.