Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Floating Buoys

Camera: Canon 400D
F-Number: F/25
Exposure: 1/50 sec.
Focal Length: 300mm
Flash: No
Location: Willen Lake, Milton Keynes

This was taken when I took this lot of pics. I edited this one in Photoshop by making the background black and white while the colour of the buoys remained.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Camera: FujiFilm Finepix F450
F-Number: F/7.4
Exposure: 1/1000 sec.
Focal Length: 6.3mm
Flash: No
Location: Hyde Park, London

This was taken earlier this month in Hyde Park, Central London.....just as the sun was setting. I was from the toilet, saw this and I had to capture it. One of my favourite pictures as an amateur photographer. I didn't need to touch it up as it was a perfect first time shot.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


For the sake of those on log on to this blog....I have now turned Pro on Flickr and that is where my pictures will now be featured. I will be updating this blog as I put new pictures up. So far the following sets have been added since I posted pictures up in here:

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Slideshow: Flowers and Fruits - Summer 2007

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Slideshow: Slough 7s - 7/7/07

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

IRB London Sevens Pictorial - 2007

Canon 400D

The following photos have been watermarked.

Click here for my event review. I have also applied a few photoshop techniques to some of the pics......ENJOY!!! More to follow soon.

Masai supporter!!!

The Kenyan Supporters on Saturday.

Biko Adema, the future of Kenyan Rugby

The Kenya Team - Day One at Twickenham

A Kenyan Supporter flying the flag.

The hard-core Sunday crowd cheering Kenya score a try
against Italy.

A Kenya player tackled during KE-Italy game!

New Zealand v Fiji - The Final (This was taken way up in the stands close
to the co-operate boxes.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Canon 400D

Something came up...hence the delay in putting up the pics. Anyway, the day was 'perfect' weatherwise, but not for the runners as running 26 and a bit miles under the sun is not a favourable weather condition to run in as most found out. I too was having dizzy spells as I stood by the barriers to bring you these pictures. It was a hot day!

Congratulations to all who took are truly inspirational.

Now, the pics.....ENJOY!

Arriving at my destination, near the finish line. Buckingham Palace serving as the backdrop!

Checking to see if the Queen was watching from one of the windows

Theeeeeeerrreeee in the distance.....the finish line!

This is how far/close I (the runners too) was to the finish line

The first of the wheelchair elite participants

The first of the female elite runners to cross the finish line.

A proud word from the main sponsors - Flora

The time truck!

This is the final sprint to the finish of the Kenyan runner, Martin Lel and Abderrahim Goumri.

Paul Tergat approaching the finish line, he finished fifth.

A shot of the final approach corner, the crowds and the finish line in the distance.

The elite men and women finalists being presented with their prizes. Martin Lel can be seen drapping the National Flag.

The first of the group runners and costume runner dressed as Elvis (who broke record as fastest Elvis) to cross the finish

A runner dressed as a fairy

Help was always at hand. The heat really took its toll on the runners.

Superman sprinting to the finish

Fred Flinstone or Barney

Jailbird running to cross the finish line.

Spiderman webbing his way to the finish

A marathon participat rejoicing as he sees the end of the road.

Scooby Doo hoping to find scooby snacks waiting for him at the end.

Wasn't this dude hot under that afro?

All mummified for the run

Sponge Bob

Batman and Robin.....I wonder where they parked the Batmobile!

The cheering crowds and the police presence!

Celebrity spot - Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef, running towards the finish line, but then pulled a muscle within sight of the finish line. With encouragement from the crowd, he went on to finish the race.

Darth Vader

Man in a fat suit

Various costumes and a genuine army man in the marathon.

If you watch Little Britain, then these characters will be familiar to you!

Sunflower, a pair of tarts and Mr & Mrs Incredible

A runner in the rhino suit running for Save the Rhino

There were other ways to break records and the 'chain-link gang' broke the world record for the most people to run the marathon whilst linked to each other.

Just had to show that we were there in full force to support our runners!

Departing the Mall....going home after a long day.

This one is for Nick! I passed by Leicester Square in London and I found them prepping for the premier of Spider Man 3. Unfortunately, I was a day early to snap the celebs.