Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FOCUS 2007

Canon 400D

This post is long overdue, but I have to put it up as I promised the pics from the event.

Bowens stand (studio lighting and techniques)

The impressive Nikon stand (egm...the D80 is sawa but I still love my canon)

Love this idea for phone protection. Just like a condom but for your phone. Even the packaging is similar.

Fotoblok - an alternative way of framing your pictures

This area was full of publication stands for photography magazines and books. I have come to love Digital SLR Photography (Daniel Lezano - Editor) magazine as my photography bible.

This area had Wacom tablets set up using Apple Computers. I wanted to do a test run, but as you can see the area was full -disappointed!

After walking for quite a while, I sat down to rest and have my lunch. All sitting spots were full, so had to settle for the floor. A shot of people walking by.....

.....for lunch, tuna with sweetcorn sandwich and fruit juice. Nothing beats packed lunch.

A boredom shot of my skechers.

These are tripods that have flexible legs and can be used on tree branches etc. Cool for those awkward macro shots.

A stand with studio equipment.

Apple stand with celebrity photographer Andy Earl sharing his photography experience and tips.

At the Adobe stand during the Photoshop tutorial.

This is Apple's stand where they had Aperture tutorials throught the day. It was always full.

Another stand for framing your pics.

A stand that displays aerial tripods. Used for taking pics like this.

This is the rail link between the Birmingham NEC and the Airport (where I was to catch my bus to the city centre)

A shot of the tracks (egm this one is for you...LOL!)

One of the carriages coming in the opposite direction

Well, we reached Birmingham city centre and had like two hours to kill before our bus home checked in. So.........my pal and I hit the Bullring Shopping Mall.

Had to visit the bull.....afterall, I am a Taurus!

Nike store at the Mall

It was a dull rainy day and this is a shot of the sun coming out.

A ballon freeing session

A cluster of the freed ballons up in the air

A shot of the bullring from the viewing balcony next to it.

These cubes are actually waterfall features outside the mall.

Several parting shots of the BullRing from the ground.